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Интерьер кафе Nautilus в рустикальном стиле

Интерьер кафе Nautilus в рустикальном стиле

Статус: Реализованный проект Дата реализации: Март 2013 — Декабрь 2013 Общая площадь: 80.0 Местоположение: Пермь, Российская Федерация
Интерьер Рестораны бары кафе
Rustic style cafe NAUTILUS - interior cozy cafe-bar in the city of Perm, the redesign is completed interior design studio ALLARTSDESIGN. Rustic style cafe NAUTILUS came into vogue a few years ago and still remains at the peak of popularity. Rustic is especially loved by those who appreciate the eco-friendly materials and ease of provincial style with his hastily made furniture and decorations. Today we present the interior of the cozy caf?-bar in the city of Perm, the redesign is completed interior design studio ALLARTSDESIGN. The main difference from the usual tavern tavern in the fact that it serves a full dinner. In the Permian cafe-bar is not only a cup of coffee or skip a couple of glasses of whiskey, but also dine three-course meal. As part of the redesign of the room was opened old brickwork, redesigned the bar, the number of tables and added dressing room. Rustic style is firmly entrenched in our lives. There are some features of modern romance in visiting, equipped with the latest technology cafe interior is at the same time looks like a village hut. Glassware, furniture and accessories in this cozy establishment if came to us from the last century - Grandma's sideboard, small cans of milk, clock with wooden frame and wicker castors will become a real outlet for those who are tired of those around us everywhere artificial materials. There is hardly a material capable of reincarnation more than wood. It can be light and dark, smooth and rough. Wood never goes out of fashion and is perhaps one of the most versatile and popular materials in the world. It is traditionally considered to be one of the most important building materials, due to the ease of production, high strength, low bulk density and excellent decorative properties. Among other benefits, the wood - warm material, and its presence in the room helps to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. All who remember a time when wide solid wood dressers were practically in every apartment, probably will not forget about the expensive sets that apartment owners demonstratively placed behind the glass cupboards. Philistine porcelain was no place in the stylish rustic interior, stands for naturalness in everything, including the elements of decor. Decorate shelves massive cabinet designers decided many flowers in clay pots. The created rustic style in the bathroom is much more difficult than in any other room. Agree that few people want to use antique sink and toilet. Here come to the aid vintage mirrors and lamps, as well as the characteristic of rustic colors of shades of pastels and muted greens.
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